Texas Tavern Lingo

 Have you heard that there is a certain “Lingo” that must be followed when ordering at Texas Tavern? Are you nervous that you might mess up because you don’t know the lingo? Don’t be! There’s no “secret code” or prescribed method of ordering… it’s just that our loyal customers have taken to the cooks’ short-hand way of communicating. 

Here’s a guide so you can feel like a seasoned regular whether it’s your first time at the counter or just your first time this week: 


Bowl – Bowl of our world famous Texas Tavern Chile

With – add onions. For example, you may order a “Bowl With” and you would be ordering a bowl of Chile with diced onions on top.

One (or Two, or Three, etc) – Small Hamburger. Ironically, if you want to order a small cheeseburger, just ask for a cheeseburger.

Cheesy – Cheesy Western

Hot – Hot dog

Walkin’ – to go.

Add a Slab – add a slice of cheese to your bowl of chili.

Sissy Sauce – Ketchup. While for a very long time the Texas Tavern never had ketchup (ketchup is for kids, french fries, and for masking the lack of flavor in sub-par beef), we learned that kids have become addicted to it, thanks to a certain fast-food chain. While we still don’t like to admit that we keep some on hand, we like to keep Mommies and Daddies happy by preventing temper tantrums by their kids (and some grown-ups).